Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The meaning of Theresa May's one legitimate Red Line

A Federal Trust blog
by Ira Straus
Chair, Center for War-Peace Studies

Of all Theresa May’s red lines, one and only one is legitimately termed “Red”: the one that prohibits any Brexit that divides the United Kingdom. It is Red as it is a vital national interest, indeed the foremost of all national interests. Anything that promotes the break-up of the country might, in ordinary conditions, be seen as treasonous, a term that should not be thrown around lightly, nor also ceded to the spinners of romantic fairy tales.

t is a red line that prohibits the wishes of the hard Brexiters. It is a red line that prohibits many of the other, alleged red lines. And it is a red line that prohibits a critical portion of Mrs May’s own policies.

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Image: Results by council district (GB) & UK Parliament constituency (NI)