Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Separating sanitary globalizations from globalizations that spread pandemics



Globalization of people and viruses


globalization of trade and communications

 by Ira Straus

The two forms of globalization need to be separated, the one that harms public health -- globalization of people -- restricted. It is the way to rebuild better after this pandemic, and the only way to make globalization great again. 


There are two globalizations. COVID will change their balance enduringly. International personal travel will shrink.

Even without COVIC, a reduction of travel would have been inevitable in face of the progress of communications technology. Now we also know that it is also an imperative of global public health. Europe and America have paid a terrible price 

Happy New Year

Ira Straus

Chair, CWPS

It looks to be a terrible start on the year with the pandemic. But the vaccines are out and will start wiping out the virus -- as long as enough people take them. And as long as we maintain patience and restraint until then, and don't let the pandemic spread so uncontrollably that mutations start coming faster and thicker than we can keep up with them. Let's hope good sense prevails. Stay safe and get your vaccine when you can. And enjoy the rebuddings of life as they become safely available. The photo here, grace of one of those.